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"Baron 3D - البارون"


The first arabic 3D movie

It is the first Arabic 3D film in the largest film budget in the history of the Middle East with 5.5 million US dollars.


It's an Egyptian film production in cooperation with the UAE, USA, Directed, Story by Dr. Taha El Hakem.

The film tells the story of the Belgian Baron Edward Emban, who came to Egypt in 1904 to invest through the real estate sector, Through drama the story moves from time to time between 19011 and 2011, Through interaction between the characters of their ages vary from 100 years, we find some hidden forces and supernatural control events, So that the perceptions of the world of man and the world of elves are mixed in the middle moments, To show the extent of the confusion caused by the overlap of different worlds.

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Dr. Taha Al Hakim ... celebrates 10 million followers on social media platforms.

Egyptian director Dr. Taha Al Hakem celebrating from Hollywood Productions Company Dubai because of he has reached new world record on social networking platform of 10 million followers. [Facebook - YouTube - Twitter - Instagram - Google+ - Snapchat - Pinterest]..

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Mahmod Ellithy


A new member joins Hollywood platforms

Recently, the super star "Mahmoud Ellithy" joined the management platform of the Hollywood Productions Company Dubai to seek greater internationalism.

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Cinema is the most beautiful fraud
in the world



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